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Cheralyn L. Lambeth

Costumes/Costume Crafts, Props, and Puppets             704-609-5999              IMDB

Degreed professional with over 20 years’ experience building costumes/costume crafts, props, and puppets for the entertainment industries (television, film, theatre, dance, and display



  • In-shop costume production and on-set support

  • Tailoring and patternmaking, including period dress

  • Costume crafts:  millinery, hard goods

  • Wig/hairpiece construction, styling, and maintenance (ventilating and wefting)

  • Dying and ageing

  • Models and miniatures

  • Prop construction and set dressing

  • Puppet and “creature” costume construction, maintenance, and performance


Relevant Work Experience


FILM:                                                                              TELEVISION:

Please Don’t Destroy—specialty prop commission

Max—specialty props                                                   Outer Banks (Netflix)—specialty prop consultation

The Hunger Games—tailor, promotional shoot       A Christmas Love Story (Hallmark)—tailor, wardrobe

Leatherheads—on-set costumer                                Outcast (Cinemax)—stitching/tailoring

Evan Almighty—on-set costumer                              Homeland (Showtime)—tailor, dyer/ager, props assist

The New World—dyer/ager, on-set costumer          SuperBowl XXVI Halftime Show—wardrobe supervisor

Manassas:  End of Innocence (Nat’l Park Service)     Multiple commercials—tailor, stylist

            -assistant to the costume designer               Dinosaurs!—puppet builder

The Patriot—dyer/ager, on set costumer

The Net—specialty costume construction

The Muppet Christmas Carol—puppet builder



Pro sports mascot construction/maintenance:  Sir Purr (Carolina Panthers, NFL), The Coyote (San Antonio Spurs, NBA), Hugo the Hornet (Charlotte Hornets, NBA)

Scarowinds Halloween Haunt—Props construction, 2019; Props Supervisor, 2018; Costume Supervisor, 2017

Avenue Q (European tour)—Puppet construction

Titanic:  The Movie on Tour—Costume/prop construction

Star Trek:  The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton—Costume/prop construction

Sesame Street Live! —Costume, puppet, and prop construction/maintenance



New York and London; Routledge/Taylor and Francis, 2016





Professional Production Program/ The Juilliard School, NY


BA in Dramatic Arts/minor in Radio/TV/Motion Pictures

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Additional Experience:

  • Guinness World Record holder for the Largest Collection of Finger Puppets in 2022

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