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Who I Am, and What I Can Do

Who I Am

As a free-lance professional in multiple aspects of the entertainment industries--film, television, theater, exhibits/displays, and writing--I've had the chance to work on a wide variety of incredible projects. From behind-the-scenes (and even on-camera!) work for well-known films and television programs, to writing and publishing several books, even to hobbies that have led to unexpected work opportunities, I've been fortunate to have a vast and varied career, and am always glad to work on almost any aspect of a creative project.

Growing up, I was strongly influenced by the Star Wars films.  The costumes, alien creatures, and special effects inspired me to pursue my own career in the film industry, as did my love of the Muppets (I still enjoy watching the original Muppet Show!), and I was truly excited to have the opportunity to work with Muppet builders in the New York shop on several projects.  Since then, I have built not only puppets, but also costumes and props for movies and television, as well as mascots for several professional sports teams such as the Carolina Panthers (NFL) and the Charlotte Hornets NBA).

My hobbies too have led to a variety of interesting opportunities.  As a Star Wars fan, I am a long-time member of the 501st Legion, an international Star Wars costuming and social club; through that I have been afforded the chance to participate in not only our community and charity events, but also work with Lucasfilm affiliates on several large- scale and international events, such as an Adidas Star Wars street activation tour in South Africa, and numerous Star Wars Celebrations throughout the world. It has been fulfilling taking a fun hobby and using it to do good things within my local community as well as gaining valuable experience in events and promotions both locally and on the world stage. 

SW Kids Puppet Workshop.jpg

Leading a paper-bag puppet workshop for the Star Wars Kids track at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, 2022

As mentioned, I've had a vast and varied career! But it all ties together with my work in the entertainment industries.  From building costumes, props, and puppets, to performing and promotions, even to writing about and photographing it all, I would be glad for the chance to help bring your project to life!

What I Can Do!

Collaborated with build team on costume construction for the Ghost of Christmas Present, The Muppet Christmas Carol (sill one of my favorite movies).

MuppetChristmasCarol for first page of website.jpg

Costumes, Props, and Puppets

From the initial rendering, to patterning, to overall construction, even to finishing touches such as hats, jewelry, and dyeing/aging, I have experience building for numerous platforms (television, film. theatre, and display). Visit my costume and puppetry pages to see more examples of my work!

Motion-capture fight model for the video game Fortnite:  Battle Royale (Epic Games, 2017)

Mocap for website.jpg

Acting and Performance

In addition to working behind the scenes, I have performed on stage and screen.  My acting endeavors include Off-Broadway, television commercials and programs, and even film. I also am trained in stage combat, and can offer workshops and consultations on how to safely get into a swordfight!  You can see more of my acting projects here

Recreation of Frederick Carl Frieseke's The Garden Parasol (1910).  That's me in both roles!

The Garden Parasol for website.jpg

Photography and Digital Art

Inspired by an art challenge issued by the Getty Art Musuem during the pandemic in 2020, I began recreating famous works of art--simple at first, but later more complex, using costumes and props in my collection, and expanding my knowledge of digital photo editing.  This grew from a fun hobby to a valuable skill that I've been able to use in professional applications such as book illustrations. View some of my favorite art works on my digital art page

My very first book (but not my last)! Haunted Theaters of the Carolinas, Schiffer Publishing, 2009


Writing and Editing

With several professionally published books currently available (and several more in progress), I have extensive experience creating, proofreading, and preparing galleys and other written material for a variety of platforms, both print and digital.  Read more of my work on my writing page

Assisting team lead with the Charlotte Area Paranormal

Society for a fund-raising investigation at the Chester County Jail, Chester SC, October 2021. An odd anomaly--almost like a striped jail uniform--appears at the center of the photo. (Photo by Amie Gray)

Chester jail ghost 1.jpg

And even Paranormal Investigations--Let's Go On A Ghost Hunt!

As with many of my other hobbies, my interest in ghosts and ghost stories has led to unexpected opportunities in the expanding field of paranormal research. I've assisted with investigations as fund raisers for historic sites, written a book and numerous articles on the subject, and been a guest speaker at library events, conferences, podcasts, and even a few TV appearances. You can see some of my ghostly endeavors (complete with a few actual ghost photos!) on my paranormal page.

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