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Puppetry and Props

Puppetry has always been one of my favorite creative arts. I've appreciated the opportunity to work with several renowned artists and organizations in the field, and have written several books on puppetry (featured in my writing portfolio). My skills in costume construction, combined with work in foam, latex, fur, and other non-fabric materials, have been invaluable in both puppet and prop construction, and my performance experience (seen in my demo reel on my homepage) has proven useful in building puppets and character costumes.

Guinness Record for Website.jpg

2022 Guinness World Record holder for
Largest Collection of Finger Puppets
(new record attempt under way for 2024!)

Beholder for website.jpg

Beholder puppet, She Kills Monsters, Winthrop University, 2018

Puppet built of "found" items and papier mache

Homeland Bags for website.jpg

Homeland (TV series), 2014

Aged existing bags (top); constructed/dyed prop bags (bottom)

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